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Some stunning tile trends have emerged in 2022. 


We’ve been inspired by our time indoors and our desire to reconnect with nature in a variety of ways, from seamless living to bringing the outdoors in. As an escape from the outside world, we’re looking to rich, luxurious hues, bold patterns, and warm, welcoming spaces.


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Terrazzo is back! 

Terrazzo is making a comeback and is increasing in popularity among trendsetters due to its modern, artisan appeal. Its light-hearted playfulness, the set, repetitive chip pattern of terrazzo can be found adorning a wide range of furniture and homeware products, bringing an element of youthful fun into interior design schemes.

Terrazzo looks great with matt, muted pinks, or burnt orange tones for a modern, comfortable, liveable look. 

Give green a go!

Green is the colour of life, renewal, nature, and energy, and it is quickly becoming a major trend in all aspects of interior design. 

Green tiles can have a variety of looks depending on the style and shade. Light green tiles have a cool, fresh appearance that contributes to the creation of a calm and soothing environment, whereas deeper greens are bold and intriguing – ideal for creating a bold splashback or eye-catching feature wall.


Bold patterns!

As the popularity of patterned tiles continues to surge, be sure to include this trend in your upcoming bathroom transformation. Patterned tiles work as a great splashback in small space bathrooms as well as full wall features in large-scale bathroom projects. This style offers homeowners the opportunity to tap into their creative side!  Right now we mainly see ceramic tiles as a popular choice for patterned tiles, however, porcelain styles are an upcoming patterned tile concept. This year, expect to see a range of bright and bold colours and patterns!

Be brave with blue!

Deep blue tiles will add a timeless look to your interiors. These moody hues, which are rich and indulgent, give any room a luxurious and expensive feel. The deep colour contrasts brilliantly with lighter tones to create a chic, modern look.