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Renewables Solar Thermal Heating

What are Solar Thermal Heating Systems?

The sun gifts us huge amounts of energy that can be used to provide heat and electricity. Solar thermal systems use this energy to provide hot water to your home. We supply two types of solar thermal systems: Vacuum tubes and flat panels.

What Can Solar Hot Water Do For Me?

Protect yourself from rising energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint by simply investing in a solar hot water system. These systems can provide between 50-90% of a households annual domestic hot water at no extra cost!

Water Heating Basics

  • 1kWh of heat energy can heat about 30 Litres of water from cold to showering temperature.
  • An average household of 5 people will use between 10-15kWh of energy each day to heat water alone.
  • In the winter more energy is needed r as the water runs colder, and people often have longer and hotter showers than in the summer.
  • Water is normally heated by electricity, oil or gas, but solar can be used to offset between 50-90% of this energy.

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Solar Thermal Heat - Frequently Asked Questions

How much hot water will I get?

This question requires some additional information to answer precisely.

In most applications, solar does not heat the water in a single pass like a tankless gas heater would. The solar collector heats the water gradually throughout the day, normally by about 10oC / 18oF each pass. The flow rate through the collector is also quite slow, around 3L/min / 0.8gpm for an average domestic sized system.

For more clarification, get in touch with our team and they’ll be happy to help.

Peak Periods?

Over a 10 hour period in the summer in most parts of the world, an Apricus AP-30 collector can provide in excess of 10kWh of energy with the peak output of the collector reaching as high as 2kW during the hottest and sunniest parts of the day.

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