In the ever-changing world of home and interiors, there are areas of our homes that we cannot afford to scrimp on. However, within each room, there are certainly areas and items that we fortunately can afford to save on. Remember to shop around and ensure you have professional, trusted installers when undertaking a renovation project.

Whether you’re creating a practical family bathroom or a wellness sanctuary for you to sit back and relax in the bath after a long day, make sure your budget covers all the bases. From plumbing and installation to tiles, brassware, storage, lighting, and so much more- we’ve compiled a list of ways to remodel your space without sacrificing quality. Be sure not to scrimp on bathroom essentials that are certainly worth paying that extra little bit of cash!

Professional Installers | Spend

To ensure that your bathroom looks fabulous and is working well, you have to invest in experienced and trusted fitters. An expert plumber with many projects will save you time and money by providing you with the best layout and products for your space and budget. Above all, they will make sure that your bathroom has a quality finish that lasts years.

Also, an experienced tiler is another important aspect to spend on for your bathroom renovation. Flooring and tiles make a huge impact on your home, and particularly in a bathroom. To ensure the bathroom is properly sealed, ensure to do your homework to find a reliable tiler.

Layout | Save 

A key way to spread your budget is to stick to the layout of your existing bathroom. Relocating your sink, bath or shower to somewhere else in the room can be more costly than you think as pipework will need to be moved and you could end up with escalating plumbing and building costs. As a rule, it’s cheaper to keep plumbing to a single wall – ask your fitter for some tips and tricks to make the most of the current setup.

Quality Brassware | Spend

When it comes to brassware, it can be easy to cut corners on costs and choose cheaper options. With so many styles and finishes available at reasonable prices, this does not, unfortunately, mean high quality. It pays to invest in high-quality components that usually come with a warranty too. This option will be more cost-effective in the long run as it will not tarnish, need replacing and most importantly will not leak!

Acrylic Bath | Save 

If you want to include a large luxurious bath to sink into after a long day, anis a great alternative that gives the same impact as cast iron. With many contemporary designs to choose from, including freestanding and back to wall models why not consider saving some of your budget by opting for an acrylic bathtub.

Trendy accessories & towels | Save 

A sure way to save some of your bathroom budget is to shop savvy when buying your accessories and towels. As the bathroom is an area with lots of steam, it is not the best place to spend a huge amount of money on accessories and soft furnishings. Opt for house plants, neutral coloured matching towel and bath mat and poster style artwork for above your bathtub.