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The bathroom is unquestionably one of the most important rooms in the house, with some homes even having two, three, or more bathrooms.

You may be confused with what to keep in your bathroom, as you may only remember to fill it up with your personal items the moment they run out. 

But don’t worry, our ultimate shower essentials checklist will provide you with a guide on what to keep in your shower so you’re well-stocked and prepared for anything! 

Each household is unique, and you may require more items than those listed, but our list will help you stock up on bathroom essentials with ease.

Shower Caddy or Recessed Shelving

Are you always tripping over those unsightly bottles of shampoo and shower gel in your bathroom? 

Then a shower caddy or recessed shelving is for you! If you are just after a ‘quick fix’ solution a shower caddy will be the perfect addition to tidy away bottles and loofahs. However, if you are renovating your bathroom or building your own home you need to consider the finer details of the practicality and functionality of your shower. Consider installing a recessed shelf in your shower to tidy away all your showering lotions! 

Face Cloth or Loofah

A face cloth or loofah is ideal for exfoliating your skin. Nothing beats a good scrub for exfoliating your skin and removing dead skin cells, dirt, and debris, leaving you with soft, moisturised skin. 

Choose eco-friendly alternatives, such as a natural sponge or loofah, instead of plastic bath scrubs; your skin and the environment will thank you!


Bath Towel

Don’t forget about a large fluffy bath towel to add texture to your bathroom as well as being a showering essential. 

You can opt for a matching colour to your bathroom so if it’s left on display it won’t look like such an eyesore. Or why not go bold and make a real statement with your choice of towels!



There is no doubt that a boujee soap dispenser or bar of soap can completely transform your bathroom. 

Aesop’s best selling hand washes come in large brown bottles with a handy pump, which started the trend for cool, Instagrammable bathroom hand soaps. 

The popularity of a fancy hand wash has grown, and many of your favourite bath and body brands now offer some chic options that smell amazing and leave hands feeling soft and nourished.



Squeegee isn’t just a funny-sounding word! In fact, a squeegee can reduce your shower glass cleaning time by up to 90%!  

As it turns out, one of these inexpensive cleaning tools can make a significant difference in keeping soap, scum and hard water stains off your bathroom walls and shower door.

Anything that reduces our cleaning time in the bathroom gets a big yes from us!