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Should I Wallpaper My Bathroom?

Wallpapering a bathroom is one of the most common decorating projects that people are worried about. Is it too much in a small space? Will the wallpaper peel away? Is it easy to wipe? These are the critical questions many ask themselves when considering wallpaper in a bathroom. This is the perfect space in your home to be a little more creative and adventurous. Like kitchens, it is important not to err on the side of being too clinical with your design and accessorising. At Bassetts, we love wallpaper and how it can totally transform a room.

You might think wallpaper is a no-no in the bathroom, but because more of us have started to ask for it, manufacturers are producing wider ranges of specialised solutions.   This is not to say that you can’t have regular wallpaper in the bathroom – ensure that your room is well ventilated with an extractor fan and window.  Striking designs such as tropical and paisley prints are a fantastic way to introduce a sense of fun into your bathroom.

The answer is yes! Whether you are a maximalist or minimalist when it comes to choosing your home interiors, wallpapering your bathroom adds personality to a commonly ‘white’ area. The bathroom shouldn’t be a room that is off-limits to beautiful eclectic design. Bathroom wallpaper is most commonly used in residential and commercial bathrooms to achieve a super stylish look- so why should we not try it at home?

Most vinyl wallpapers work in bathroom environments because of their easy wipe and water-resistant properties. Perhaps you are asking yourself, where would I place the wallpaper in my bathroom? Using wallpaper to create an eye-catching feature wall in your bathroom is a perfect choice, for example, this could be behind your bath or toilet. Consider bringing the outside-in with leafy prints and floral patterns.

Wallpaper brings an extra element of fun to a bathroom adding character and personality. Whether you decide to go for a bold and bright pattern or something a little more subtle and calm there are so many options to ensure the bathroom does not go unnoticed in your home.

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