An experienced panel provided the finest advice on renewable heating and self-build projects at the Bassetts Heating Innovation Centre launch event. Their knowledge of this rapidly rising industry resulted in a substantial number of takeaways for the audience.

The new Bassetts Heating Innovation Centre, located within the company’s Clady branch, is the latest phase in Northern Ireland’s leading plumbing and heating merchants’ long-term investment strategy.

This innovative facility will be a training centre for customers interested in investigating the latest plumbing and heating technology, including renewables. It will be dedicated to the plumber, installer and self-builder.

Patrick Bradley, an architect, featured on Grand Designs, spoke on the panel about the significance of exploring renewables. Garrett Quinn, Director of GP Developments and winner of House of the Year in the 2021 Building and Architect of the Year awards, discussed how to get the fabric right from the start of your project. Michael McClements, AIB Mortgages Advisor, offered tips on financially planning your project and avoiding common mortgage application pitfalls in Northern Ireland.

There were self-builders, heating installers, and plumbers in the room, all eager to learn more.

The following are some of the key takeaways from the event:

Garrett Quinn

We have complete control over how much energy our projects can consume; this is a tremendous benefit, provided you are willing to do your homework and stay under your primary energy tolerance. To achieve your future goals, it’s critical to get the fabric of your project just right.

Patrick Bradley

The smart house has been on the verge of becoming a reality in Architecture for the better part of a decade. A common misunderstanding is that to have renewable heating; your self-build must look like contemporary architecture. This is not the case. Conduct research and plan your project based on your long-term goals.

Michael McClements

A major danger of the self-builder is not being realistic. You may have a clear idea of how your new home will look, and it makes sense for you to be in charge because you’ll be the one living in it after it’s completed. Working with professionals to develop plans, on the other hand, allows you to benefit from their expertise, abilities, and experience.


The Heating Innovation Centre at Bassetts Clady branch is now taking appointments for those interested in exploring renewable heating solutions or discussing a heating plan for their self-build project in Northern Ireland.