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Tailored Heating Solutions for Self Build Family Home

Victoria Gamble embarked on an inspiring self-build journey, bringing her dream family home to life. After approximately 18 months of hard work and dedication, Victoria and her family moved into their new abode, boasting 2,500 square feet of comfortable living. One of the key decisions in creating her dream home was the choice of a heating system. The concept of an air-source heat pump initially seemed unfamiliar to Victoria, with her knowledge limited to its reputation as an economical heating solution. However, she was determined to explore this energy-efficient option further. Victoria’s vision for her home included underfloor heating on both levels, which aligned with her preference for a clean, uncluttered look without the intrusion of radiators. Yet, she knew that a robust heating system was essential for comfort and economy.

This is where Bassetts, with its wealth of expertise in heating systems, played a pivotal role in Victoria’s self-build journey. The existence of a dedicated Heating Innovation Centre, where heating systems could be tested and experienced firsthand, provided Victoria with invaluable insights into her heating choices. Victoria stresses the importance of the designed heating system bespoke to the build, which Bassetts specialises in. “It’s not something you should simply pull off the shelf,” she emphasises. “Bassetts took the time to understand our preferences in heating and how we envisioned our home being efficiently heated.”

Victoria explains, “I was drawn to underfloor heating and not particularly fond of traditional radiators. However, I knew that investing in the right heating system was crucial for the long-term economy of our home. While some builders advocated for older systems, we stand as living proof that a heat pump works.” She admits to some initial scepticism but now couldn’t be happier with her chosen system. The upfront cost may be higher, but the savings in energy bills have proven its worth.


The heating system installed in Victoria’s self-build project incorporates sustainable heating technologies. This comprehensive package includes a primary heat source, hot water storage, heat emitters, and smart heating controls, all meticulously selected to match the 2,500-square-foot family home and cater to the specific preferences and heating needs of the Gamble family.

The Gamble family opted for smart controls to manage their heating systems to add the finishing touch to their beautiful new build project. These intuitive controls allow for precise adjustment of room temperatures and heating schedules on individual zones, providing a seamless experience for a busy family, especially one with farming responsibilities. Victoria Gamble’s self-build journey showcases the power of informed decisions and modern heating solutions. Her home is a testament to the efficiency of heat pumps and underfloor heating, offering comfort and long-term savings.