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Browse our stylish and contemporary collection of pellet stoves. Choose between the stunning SOLIS K300 and its one-of-a-kind design or the SOLIS K100, which is available in four different colors: claret, black, white, and grey.

  • K500


  • K2300+ Claret

    K2300+ Claret

  • SOLIS K100 Edge

    SOLIS K100 Edge

  • LIfestyle K1700+

    LIfestyle K1700+

  • SOLIS K500 Black

    SOLIS K500 Black

  • SOLIS K1200 oak+

    SOLIS K1200 oak+

  • SOLIS K50 Lifestyle

    SOLIS K50 Lifestyle

  • SOLIS K100 Pellet Stove Med

    SOLIS K100 Pellet Stove Med