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Mountsandel Modern Living | Sleek Elegance meets Functionality

Jade, the creative force behind Jadore Decor, has transformed her dream home in Mountsandel into a haven of elegance and style. With an eye for interior design, she embarked on a journey to create a home with luxury and functionality. Bassetts, turned her vision into reality. Let’s look at the four exquisite bathrooms that testify to Jade’s impeccable taste and Bassetts’ commitment to quality.

Downstairs Loo: Where Quirkiness Meets Practicality

In the smallest space of the house, Jade let her creativity run wild, turning the downstairs loo into a quirky yet practical oasis. Earthy tones from the animal-inspired wallpaper set the stage, creating a connection to the surrounding forest. The neutral, earthy palette and gold fixtures maintain an elegant and warm ambience. A statement jungle-themed wallpaper adds a touch of fun, while a matt black radiator adorned with a statement towel ties seamlessly into the forest theme. Opting for a wall-hung Roca toilet adds a touch of modernity and maximises floor space, creating an extra-deep shelf beneath the window—a perfect spot for adding personal style. The careful selection of a stunning ocean blue floor-standing vanity unit, paired with a brushed brass tap, reflects Jade’s foresight in creating a versatile space. This choice provides a timeless aesthetic and allows for the easy interchange of wallpapers over the years.

Main Bathroom: A Sanctuary of Spa Vibes and Luxury

The main bathroom is a sanctuary of spa vibes and luxury, designed to induce relaxation at every turn. The importance of ambient lighting, meticulously crafted by Jade’s partner Craig of North Coast Connections, sets the mood for tranquillity. The Aqualla Fuse LED mirror with dual functionality adds a touch of modernity, while black brassware creates a subtle yet striking statement against the wood accents. The space is a haven for unwinding, with a recessed shelf ensuring the perfect fit for a glass of wine. Soft, rounded edges in the Adamsz Capri bathtub, Aqualla mirror, and Flair Matt Black Quadrant shower provide a visual contrast against the vertical lines of the tiles.

Master Ensuite: Crittal Style Elegance and Dual Functionality

The Master Ensuite showcases elegance with its Crittal style panel taking centre stage. The AYO linear framed screen and an anthracite shower tray and matte black fixtures create sharp lines and a contemporary aesthetic. The rectangle feature in the shower screen carries through to the internal doors, providing a cohesive design element throughout the home. With a large slate tray, the ensuite achieves a wetroom-style feel, and its dual functionality makes it the most used bathroom in the house. Storage in this space was a key feature to ensure practicality; the three-drawer Salgar unit in the dark grey oak finish was selected to continue the subtle monochrome vibe of this bathroom. Jade’s emphasis on easy maintenance shines through, making this ensuite a perfect blend of form and function.

Guest Bathroom: Harmonious Blend of Neutrals and Nature

The guest bathroom, nestled in a tricky space with sloping ceilings, is a testament to Jade’s design eye. A neutral colour palette, complemented by matte black brassware, creates a harmonious connection with the rest of the home. Wooden features bring the outside in, paying homage to the lush forest surrounding the property. The carefully selected tiles evoke a sense of calm and luxury, turning the guest bathroom into a tranquil retreat.

Jade’s collaboration with Bassetts has resulted in a home where every bathroom tells a unique story. From the quirky charm of the downstairs loo to the spa-like ambience of the main bathroom, the master ensuite’s sleek elegance, and the guest bathroom’s harmonious blend of nature and neutrals, each space reflects Jade’s distinctive style and Bassetts’ commitment to quality. Together, they have turned Jadore Decor’s forever home into a masterpiece of design and functionality.