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Luxury Redefined | A Bassetts Bathroom Makeover in County Armagh

In the quaint village of Bleary, nestled in the heart of County Armagh, a homeowner embarked on a mission to transform not just one but three crucial spaces in her home. With an affinity for refined aesthetics and an eye for quality, our homeowner turned to Bassetts, to curate a bathroom ensemble that blends elegance, functionality, and personalised style.

The Family Oasis | Sage Green Serenity with Tretzo Craftsmanship

In the heart of the home, the family bathroom unfolds as a serene sanctuary, boasting a wall-hung vanity unit manufactured from our Elements range. Bathed in a soothing sage green hue, this handcrafted piece sets the tone for a space where luxury meets practicality. The amalgamation of VADO’s matt black and brushed brass elements elevates the ambience, gracing the room with a harmonious blend of metals.

The star of the show is the ORO by Flair matte black shower enclosure, making a subtle yet striking statement. Recessed shelving offers functionality and aesthetic appeal, while an LED cabinet mirror adds a touch of modern sophistication. The freestanding bath, strategically placed against the wall, becomes elegant, inviting relaxation after a long day. Calcutta marble tiles, adorned with gold slash, and herringbone walnut flooring, provide a sumptuous backdrop to this oasis of luxury.

Ensuite Elegance | Emerald Green Extravaganza

Moving to the ensuite, our homeowner’s quest for exceptional use of space is brilliantly utilised with an emerald green two-drawer wall-hung vanity unit, once again a masterpiece by Tretzo. The continuity of brushed brass fixtures from VADO ensures a seamless transition from the family bathroom. The ORO by Flair matt black hinged quadrant shower maximises the available space, complemented by monochrome pattern flooring and matt pink wall tiles.

The ensemble combines a dual-control brushed brass shower and a back-to-wall toilet, perfectly marrying functionality and style. An LED cabinet mirror, a recurring motif in the homeowner’s vision, adds practicality and finesse to the space.

Cloakroom Chic | Where Business Meets Wow

The cloakroom, doubling as a business space for our homeowner’s aesthetics clinic, radiates personality and sophistication. A white basin and wall-hung toilet set the foundation, while mixed metals take centre stage with a Sonas brushed brass mixer basin tap and a Roca matte black flush plate.


The eclectic mix continues with patterned wallpaper, pink subway tiles, and monochrome pattern flooring, creating a maximalist ambience. This space, a testament to the homeowner’s flair for style, exudes a wow factor that transcends conventional design boundaries.

Bassetts has not just delivered bathrooms; they’ve crafted a symphony of luxury, style, and individuality. This homeowner’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of quality craftsmanship and a personalised touch – a melody that resonates throughout every corner of her beautifully positioned detached bungalow.