Heating Season Must-Haves

As a plumber, you are well aware of the various situations that can arise on a daily basis. As a result, it’s critical to be prepared for any event so that you can do your job to the best of your ability. Carrying the right tools also means you won’t waste time on the job. 

Copper Pipe Cutter

Every plumber should have access to a copper tube cutter capable of cutting the most common sizes of copper tubing. It is a more efficient, convenient, and clean way of cutting pipe than a traditional hacksaw.

Adjustable Wrench

Adjustable Wrenches are a handyman’s best friend when it comes to working with nuts, bolts, and fasteners -they are a standard tool for any workman. We recommend getting a pair for working with pipes to avoid twisting pipework when tightening compression joints.


As a plumber, you’ll frequently find yourself in dark attics, basements, and under cupboards. A good torch allows you to accurately diagnose the problem and complete the job.

Radiator Key 

A radiator key is a small but useful tool for opening bleed screws and releasing trapped air from radiators. Likelihood is that most jobs in the winter will involve the use of this mighty tool! 

Water pump pliers

Everyday plumbing applications contain a plethora of irregularly shaped objects that can be used to hold and turn larger diameter nuts and bolts regardless of their shape. Because of their serrated angular design, water pump pliers have a strong jaw profile.

Cylinder Jackets

Customers often ask plumbers for simple ways to reduce the heat loss in their home. Cylinder jackets are an easy and cost effective way to save money and improve a home’s heating system efficiency. 

Pipe Lagging 

Poorly insulated pipes allow water to condense, which leaves pipes susceptible to standing water that can freeze in cold weather. Pipe lagging can reduce the chance of this happening and is a van essential for any plumber working this winter! 

Super Fire Torch

If you want to solder copper pipes together, you’ll need a gas torch with a powerful flame, a sturdy build, and the ability to easily ignite your preferred gas (propane, MAP or PRO disposable cylinders). The Rothenberger Super Fire 2 Torch is an excellent tool for producing high-temperature flames with a small amount of gas.

Boiler Spares

More often than not boilers tend to break down when needed most. At Bassetts we stock a huge range of boiler spares at all our trade counters. Be sure to have a selection of boiler spares for a range of brands and models to ensure homes aren’t without heating for days on end this winter!