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Discovering the Future of Heating at Mount Pleasant, Newtownards

In the charming town of Newtownards, Northern Ireland, a remarkable new build development named Mount Pleasant is not only transforming the landscape but also leading the way towards a more sustainable future. Spearheading this project is none other than Dingles Builders (NI) Ltd, who have taken the responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint for building new homes by installing air source heat pumps into the latest phase of this development. 

By introducing the Grant Aerona air source heat pumps to Mount Pleasant, they have demonstrated their commitment to eco-friendly solutions that not only benefit the residents of the development but also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the entire community. Bassetts have designed each heating system bespoke for each house type in the development, ensuring optimum functionality.

The Grant Aerona air source heat pumps installed at Mount Pleasant harness the natural warmth present in the air to generate energy, providing an efficient and sustainable alternative to traditional heating systems, such as oil or gas. This innovation not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also offers significant long-term cost savings to homeowners, making it an appealing choice for modern developments.


However, the project’s success was only possible with the exceptional workmanship of PM Plumbing & Heating, who played a crucial role in installing the bespoke heating system. By skillfully integrating the heat pumps with a network of high-quality radiators, they have ensured that the warmth reaches every corner of the homes at Mount Pleasant, creating a cosy and comfortable living environment for homeowners.

In an interview with a Mount Pleasant Home-owner, they emphasised how easy and efficient the system has been. “I am absolutely delighted with the air source heat pump; it was one of the first things that attracted me to this development. I benefit from reduced energy bills and the smart heating controls are easy to manage on the go”

The Mount Pleasant development stands as a testament to the potential of sustainable heating solutions and the importance of collaborative efforts between trusted suppliers Bassetts and experienced installers. The legacy of this development will undoubtedly extend beyond its walls, serving as a model for future construction projects aspiring to create a positive impact on both the environment and the economy.