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Discover Timeless Elegance in Dungannon

Step into a world of exquisite design and unrivalled quality as we unveil three stunning bathrooms that epitomise style and sophistication. With their exceptional customer service and exclusive product range, they have become the go-to destination for those seeking bathroom perfection. In this feature, we delve into the story of a County Tyrone couple who embarked on a journey to create three stunning bathrooms, each exuding quality and style. Join us as we explore the main family bathroom, ensuite, and downstairs loo, where Bassetts’ expertise and guidance brought their vision to life.

The Main Family Bathroom | A Masterpiece of Tranquility

Step into a haven of relaxation as you enter the main family bathroom. The centrepiece of this exquisite space is a statement Adamsez Vana bathtub strategically placed beneath a window, allowing natural light to flood the room. Sink into its inviting depths, letting the day’s stresses melt away. To add a touch of the extraordinary, a leopard print rug graces the floor, infusing the room with a hint of wild sophistication. The beautiful Flair AYO walk-in shower, adorned with Grohe Euphoria chrome fittings, offers a refreshing escape, complementing the bathtub effortlessly. This bathroom truly embodies timeless elegance, ensuring moments of blissful indulgence for the whole family.

The Ensuite | A Sanctuary of Luxury

The ensuite takes luxury to new heights with its Tretzo Elements double vanity unit and textured cream tiles. This elegant space offers a haven for the homeowners, providing ample room for two while ensuring individual privacy. The hidden double-entry shower, cleverly concealed behind sleek surfaces, beckons you with its promise of relaxation. With multiple storage alcoves thoughtfully incorporated into the design, this ensuite ensures all your essentials are effortlessly organised. Immerse yourself in a world of opulence, where every detail has been carefully considered to create a sanctuary of unrivalled luxury.

The Downstairs Loo | A Jewel in Compact Simplicity

Even the smallest spaces can exude charm and style, as demonstrated by the downstairs loo. Designed with a tall ceiling and a skylight window, this compact spare bathroom embraces natural light, making the space feel open and inviting. The neutral colourway adds a touch of sophistication, while the minimalistic toilet and Imperial Thurlestone compact vanity unit provides essential functionality without sacrificing elegance. Despite its petite size, this jewel of a bathroom showcases Bassetts’ commitment to delivering quality and style in even the most intimate spaces.

Let Bassetts be your guide as you embark on your journey to create the bathroom of your dreams. With their exclusive product range and unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service, you can trust them to transform your vision into reality. From the statement bathtub in the main family bathroom to the hidden luxury of the ensuite and the compact charm of the downstairs loo, Bassetts invites you to experience the true meaning of timeless elegance. Discover their showrooms and be inspired to create a bathroom that reflects your unique style and taste.