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A Smart and Sustainable Home for the Future

Nestled in picturesque Clonoe, County Tyrone, Eithne Lyons and her family embarked on a remarkable journey to build their dream family bungalow that boasted energy efficiency and comfort. 

This ambitious project was motivated by Eithne’s commitment to a greener, more sustainable lifestyle and a desire to enhance the overall living experience for her family. After extensive research and thoughtful consideration, Eithne opted for an air-source heat pump system as the cornerstone of her home’s heating solution. The decision to invest in an air-source heat pump was pivotal for the Lyons family. Recognising its potential as an energy-efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly heating solution perfectly aligned with the family’s aspirations for a more sustainable home. 

Eithne’s journey demonstrates that informed choices and a willingness to embrace innovative technologies can significantly improve home comfort and energy savings. Eithne chose an integrated heating system with smart controls to ensure this self-build project met the family’s specific needs, featuring a cutting-edge Grant Aerona air source heat pump and Bassetts Glo+ underfloor heating. We spoke with Eithne’s installer Kevin Taggart, ‘It was great to install another heating system from Bassetts; what sets them apart from the competition is their design work and their fairly comprehensive handover – they give that extra customer service.’

What sets Eithne’s heating system apart is its bespoke design, specifically crafted to meet her family’s unique requirements. She emphasises the importance of creating a system custom-tailored to the layout and functionality of her new home. Eithne added ‘I can not recommend an air source heat pump highly enough, it’s perfect for family living and reduce energy bills. It was great to go to Bassetts as a one-stop shop for our home heating system.’


Each room in Eithne’s house has an individual thermostat, granting her precise control over the temperature in every space. For example, Eithne has a dedicated gym in her new home, and she appreciates the ability to independently adjust the temperature in this area, ensuring that it remains cooler than the rest of the house. This level of customisation ensures that the living experience in her new family home is comfortable and convenient, perfectly aligned with her family’s preferences.

The quarterly bills, a tangible measure of the system’s performance, highlight the remarkable impact of this upgrade. Eithne’s household energy expenses have been reduced to a mere £250 per quarter, underscoring her chosen system’s cost-effectiveness and long-term savings.

Ultimately, Eithne Lyons and her family’s self-build journey exemplifies the power of informed choices and modern heating solutions. Their new family bungalow is not just a home; it is a testament to the efficacy of air-source heat pumps and underfloor heating, offering comfort and a brighter, more sustainable future.