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A Historic Property Embraces Sustainable Living

In the heart of Derry’s city centre, a charming property that has stood for over two centuries is set to embark on a new chapter. Number 5 Bishop Street, a historic building with a rich heritage, is transforming into a modern 8-bed apartment Airbnb. However, what sets this renovation apart is its commitment to sustainable living.

Recognising the importance of reducing carbon footprints and embracing renewable energy, the property’s owner White Elephant Inc turned to Bassetts Plumbing Merchants in Northern Ireland for a bespoke, reliable and eco-friendly solution. After careful consideration, they selected a Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump as the centrepiece of their heating and cooling system. Air source heat pumps harness the power of the environment to provide heating and hot water, utilising renewable energy from the surrounding air. By opting for this technology, Number 5 Bishop Street is taking a significant step towards reducing its environmental impact and embracing a sustainable future.

PM Plumbing & Heating, a reputable local plumbing contractor with a wealth of experience in renewable energy systems, seamlessly installed the Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump. Their expertise teamed with Bassetts’ technical advice, ensured the system was integrated smoothly into the property’s infrastructure, providing optimal comfort and efficiency for future guests.

To complement the air source heat pump, the property owners opted for GRANT Afina radiators, as advised by the team of heating experts at Bassetts. These radiators boast cutting-edge technology that maximises energy efficiency while providing a stylish and contemporary design that seamlessly fits within the property’s modern aesthetic. With this innovative heating and cooling system in place, Number 5 Bishop Street is primed to offer a unique Airbnb experience that combines the charm of a historic building with the benefits of sustainable living. Guests can enjoy the comforts of a modern apartment while knowing that their stay has a minimal impact on the environment.

Bassetts Plumbing Merchants and PM Plumbing & Heating have together spearheaded a transformation emphasising the importance of sustainable choices in the renovation and hospitality industries. Through their collaboration, they have showcased how embracing renewable energy can breathe new life into historic properties while setting an example for a greener future.

Number 5 Bishop Street is now a haven for guests seeking a remarkable experience in Derry and a shining example of how embracing sustainable practices can enhance our living spaces and preserve our planet for future generations.