One of the most difficult areas of any home to keep clean and orderly is the bathroom. With so many everyday essentials needed in a usually pretty confined space, it is tough to get the storage balance right. Luckily, help is on hand from our expert bathroom designers at Bassetts to be sure to get the dream bathroom no matter what size or budget. 


7 functional hacks to maintain a tidy small bathroom 

  • Use a lazy susan in your bathroom cabinets to more easily reach the areas in the back.

  • Add drawer organisers in your vanity unit and other storage to keep everyone’s products where they should be
  • Add a shelf to add some essentials and a few accessories! 
  • Consider adding an oversized LED mirror to project light and instantly increase the size of the space! 
  • Hang a shower caddy to instantly create space for all those bathroom essentials! 
  • Add hooks on the back of the door for towels and dressing gowns. 
  • Add a bath caddy as another place to store all your bathtub essentials and create a boujee bathroom!